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Gateway Community Services  
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Complete Online and Phone Counseling Services

Gateway Community Services takes action against addiction through a wide variety of programs and services.

From prevention to transitional housing and clinical research,

we have the understanding, care, facilities, and know-how to help with every facet of the recovery process.  



Outpatient Detoxification Services
Helping you to be you again

Addicted to pain medication?

- Medically supervised treatment
- Outpatient Services available
- Ambulatory detox with individualized suboxone protocols

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Prevention Programs and Services
Prevention Newsletter - "Pass It On"

April 2015



Adult Detoxification Services
Adolescent Detoxification Services



Deaf / Hard of Hearing Services or Interpreting for languages other than English.


If you have special needs such as requiring auxiliary aides or interpreter services, please contact us 904.387.4661 extension 1003 to request assistance.  These services will be provided at no cost. If you have a need for detoxification services, you may come directly to our program at 555 Stockton Street and an interpreter will be provided for you as soon as possible.


You can email your questions to


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Donations made through the Birdies for Charity program have the change to make a guess at how many birdies will be made at the
2015 PLAYERS Championship.  A tie-breaker question will also be asked.

After The PLAYERS Championship is over, the individual who gueses the exact number of birdies made (or closest thereto) has a change to win the Grand Prize ...  $5,000.00 !

Please use the link below to donate to Gateway Community Services through the Birdies for Charity Contest.

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2015 Flavor of Jacksonville Event
Saturday October 10, 2015

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Adult Detoxification Facility Renovation
Video - Gateway Detox Facility Renovation

Gateway Community Services has completed a major renovation project on its publically funded detox facility.

On November 19th, 2014 it was unveiled to the public during a re-opening ceremony. The celebration was attended by over 150 community partners.

Renovations include an open floor plan with the nurse’s station situated in the center of the treatment area. Bathrooms, kitchen, laundry and sleeping rooms were also remodeled bringing the center more in line with other treatment facilities within the Jacksonville area.

The center has also been equipped with all new furnishing and hardwood flooring. Inspirational messages grace the wall of the main treatment areas to offer a sense of hope and healing to the clients served.

Guests were amazed by the total transformation of the center and pleased with the remodeling efforts. The Detoxification Center currently has 20 treatment beds and 10 stabilizations beds for client use.

In 2013, over 2,800 clients received treatment. Gateway offers a safe and medically supervised place for patients to rid their bodies of the toxic substances to which they are addicted. Renovations of the detox was made possible by a grant given by the City of Jacksonville, from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), and from the help and support of private donations and special event fundraising.

Additional photos may be viewed on our Facebook page

LSF Health Systems Consumer Handbook - 2013-14

LSF Health Systems is the Managing Entity contracted by the Department of Children and Families to oversee state-funded mental health and substance abuse treatment services in 23 counties in Northeast and North Central Florida

Keep Kids Drug Free Foundation, Inc is a resource for parents, families and young people to learn how to prevent drug abuse.

The KKDF auto specialty tag is available at any county or independent license tag office.  You can replace your current tag AT ANY TIME.

Simply take your current tag to any tag office and request the KKDF auto tag when you lease a vehicle, buy a vehicle, or renew your current tag.

You may also renew your current tag online at

Funding Agencies Major Contributors

Wallace Welch and Willingham